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Chemical Peel

Get the benefit of a peel without the downtime!

35 min

-1 hr 5 min



Chemical Peel

This wonderful treatment introduces antioxidants into the skin while providing safe and effective exfoliation. While exfoliating the skin, it increases surface hydration and reduces overall irritation and dryness, resulting in little-no downtime.

Treatment Length: 20 min - 1 hr

+ 15 minute consultation


Exfoliates the skin

Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Reduces acne breakouts and rosacea

Creates hydration from within


Improves pigmentation and sun damage

Improves skin texture

Reduces pore size

Improves skin barrier

Little-no downtime


Every 2 weeks for optimal results

Treatment options available:

1. Level 1 Chemical Peel - $115.00

-Includes up to 10 minutes of extractions and our peel, which comes in a variety of strengths.

2. Level 2 Chemical Peel - $135.00

- Level 1 Chemical Peel w. Custom HydroJelly Mask

Safe for most skin types


Accutane within last 3-6 months

Herpes breakout or other infectious skin disorders (i.e. active cold sores)

History of cold sores (take medication prior to treatment)

Pregnancy or breast feeding

Extreme sensitivity and rosacea

Raised lesions 

Excessive telangiectasia

Uncontrolled diabetes

Autoimmune disease


Any form of dermatitis

Sun sensitivity medications

Allergy to sea salt

Laser hair removal clients - 4-6 weeks pre and post treatment

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