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Facial Treatments: Welcome

*Please note: All new clients must book a 30 minute skin consultation to discuss skin concerns, goals and what treatments are best to meet your needs. At this stage, we will complete a thorough skin analysis, review medical history,  and work with you to develop a treatment program tailored to each skin concern and skin type (this may include both treatments and skincare). Click below to book your consultation!

Custom Facial Treatment

Relax and Pamper yourself!

1 hr 25 min - 1 hr 45 min

$135 - $155

Dermaplaning Facial

Goodbye peach fuzz, hello radiant skin!

1 hr 30 min


Fire & Ice Facial

Our Red Carpet Facial. No downtime. 30 minutes well spent!

45 min


Chemical Peel

Get the benefit of a peel without the downtime!

35 min - 1 hr 5 min

$115 - $135

Two-Step Clay Peel

The YYC Peel

55 min - 1 hr 15

$125 - $155

Oxygen RX Facial

Oxygen will get your skin breathing again!

1 hr 15 min


LED Light Therapy Facial

Like a battery charger for your compromised cells!

35 min


Bela MD+

When beauty meets science!

1 hr 15 min



"Collagen Induction Therapy" - The Game Changer

1 hr 30 min

Full Face $325

Face, Neck & Décolleté $375

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Our Combination Treatment Plans

Time and money well spent

Coming Soon!

Facial Treatments: Services
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