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Dermaplaning Facial

Goodbye peach fuzz, hello radiant skin!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 200 Canadian dollars

Service Description

This is a non-invasive exfoliating treatment, using a surgical blade to remove dead skin cells and vellous hair "peach fuzz". - Value in this treatment: Vellous hair can trap excess oil and debris in your skin. By removing the vellous hair, we stimulate and rejuvenate the skin tissue, resulting in softer and brighter skin. - Benefits: Increases cell turnover Improves skin texture Smoother makeup application Improves product penetration and hydration Reduces appearance of fine lines and pores Results in an overall glow No downtime Add ons available: Neck FAQ - Does this treatment make your facial hair grow back thicker and darker? No! Research shows that the only factors that contribute to hair colour and thickness are genetics, hormones and medications. Although we are removing the vellous hair, we are not restructuring the hair follicle itself. - What to expect after this treatment: Post treatment you may experience slight redness, heat and irritation for 24-48 hours for more sensitive skin types. - How often can you get this treatment done: Every 3-4 weeks for optimal results. It takes approximately this amount of time for the body to complete its skin cycle. - Contraindications: May not be suitable for sensitive skin Cystic Acne

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