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Active Peel System

15 pack


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Active Peel System

The clinically advanced botanically based Active Peel System is a powerful yet gentle, fast-acting two-step treatment designed to resurface and polish the skin while providing hydration, rejuvenation, and antioxidant protection. Designed to use every other day, this complete skin treatment produces a cool tingling sensation upon application as it activates. This well-balanced system helps to improve the appearance of skin tone and texture, resulting in a smooth, hydrated, and more youthful-looking complexion.

Step 1 is designed to provide controlled exfoliation, featuring a proprietary combination of powerful yet gentle botanical acids combined with soothing, nurturing botanical extracts.


Step 2 provides hydration and rejuvenation, featuring our proprietary botanical Extremozyme technology and Copper Tripeptide-1 combined with soothing active botanicals.

Set of 15 treatments



Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size

Powerful, yet gently resurfaces the skin

Improves skin tone, texture, and smoothness

Provides rapid and long-term results

Supports collagen and elastin production

Improves overall health and integrity of the skin

Safe for those who are pregnant and/or nursing

Excellent for blemish prone skin

Key Ingredients

Mixed Fruit Extract, Copper Tripeptide Growth Factor, Extremozymes, and Sugarcane Extract


Apply Step 1 followed by Step 2, preferably at night. Recommended every other evening for optimal results.

Safe for most skin types

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